About Us

Creativity is the power of good content – creating content that people naturally want to share, to like, to download and/or ultimately purchase has been a game changer. We are content creators in every sense of the word. The success of YouTube, Vimeo and the many other video sharing channels proove that today the impact of visual platforms is more important than ever. The consumer now has 24/7 access to tune into whatever they want, whenever they want. That content needs to be fresh, informative and entertaining in order to capture their attention. The reason for this is because of the mobile and digital revolution currently evolving; that consumer also has the power to create and share his/her own content thus; more of a need for “your” content to be exciting and better.

DBL Films is a production house. We work closely with our clients & partners to create & visualize tailor made clips, virals, campaigns, formats and full-fledged productions and registrations to help them reinforce their brand strategies. No project is too small or too large. All we “require” is a vision, a proper support system and a clear planning & strategy. Leave the rest to us and our team will get the job done.